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How to Turn an Array Into a Hash Using Ruby

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It seems like the hardest part of learning a language is knowing its tricks. In Ruby, one of these tricks is turning an array into a hash. So let's get started!

Suppose you have the following array:

elegance_level = ["wedding", 10, "yacht", 10, "shack", 0, "wine", 8, "beer", 3, "cologne", 6]

This array seems to be assigning a level of elegance to the item before it, so a hash may be better suited for it. You could iterate through the array and assign the values into a hash, however Ruby provides an easier way to accomplish this:

 => {"wedding"=>10, "yacht"=>10, "shack"=>0, "wine"=>8, "beer"=>3, "cologne"=>6}

That's it! Hope you enjoyed this short but sweet refactor tip!