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Why You Should Keep a Technical Blog

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Generally, when someone thinks of a technical person, the only writing they associate with that person is code. However, that is far from the truth. Technical blogs are common, and for good reason. So if you're trying to figure out if a technical blog is right for you, check out why you should start blogging:

To Practice Writing

Going to an engineering school, it's pretty normal to hear someone use their technical ability as an excuse for their poor writing skills. I tend to find this ironic, since many of these people have an "I'm an engineer, I can do anything!" mentality. The problem with their writing is not a lack of ability, but instead a lack of practice. Do yourself a favor and do not become one of these people. Future employers will thank you, teammates will thank you, you will thank you, and of course, I will thank you. Keeping a technical blog, or any blog, will give you the opportunity to practice writing, which leads to the next reason to keep a blog.

To Practice Expressing Yourself

Writing gives you the opportunity to put your thoughts on paper (or text editor). Practicing this skill will make it easier to articulate your ideas and express them clearly. You will develop the ability to show someone what you're thinking, rather than stumbling over your words as you try to express your thoughts. This is extremely beneficial when working on a team, or even working on a personal project.

To Learn

Writing about a technical topic requires knowledge and understanding of that topic. I have found that there are times that I know that I can loosely explain a topic, but the knowledge that the explanation was going to be posted to the web pushes me to strengthen my understanding of the topic.

For Reference

Is there something that you're always looking up? Make a tutorial! Chances are, you'll remember it after writing about it, and even if you don't you know exactly where to find it when you need to reference it. Also, there's probably many other people that are always looking up the same thing. Not only are you helping yourself, but helping to better the internet as a whole, and who doesn't want that?

For Getting Noticed

If you keep your blog up to date, professional, and tag it well, you're going to get some traffic. This can lead to job offers, making connections, and some fame in your field. If you get enough traffic, you can even get paid by adding advertisements. While this shouldn't be your sole reason for starting a blog, it is a factor to acknowledge.

It's Free

Why should you keep a technical blog? Why not! It's free, so you can't use that excuse. Like I said earlier, you can help better the internet as a whole, and do so for free. So do it! Just do it! Cue Shia LaBeouf